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GuidingHand's Journal
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Saturday, February 24th, 2001
11:32 pm
Working it out.
Okay since this big Community journal thing happened while my computer was down i finally got to converting GuidingHand into a community... which will hopefully encourage it's growth. However due to events in my life I'm not making any promises to get this thing moving right now.

I'm also just now figuring out how all this community mumbo jumbo works. Haze, I was able to make it so that you can post directly into it (I think).. so eh whatever... If you have any interest in getting this thing back on track feel free.
that's all for now, I got to much on my mind today.
Saturday, November 4th, 2000
12:57 am
let's keep it rolling
Even though I have a job with long hours. Let's keep the banter up.

So even though we're still working on the "what made things the way they are" we should get a storyline startin as well.

So any thoughts?

we've got the tribe (of cat people) coming out of a long seclusive life to a world they hardly know. Scattrered bits of tecnology (of which little probably works right out) cluttering the land...

I was thinking an easy storyline to start with might follow a younger character on a test of manhood (or womanhood)... a trip into the hills for to hunt down a mighty beast to prove themself.

thoughts? other ideas for a storyline? throw it down.
Monday, October 30th, 2000
10:00 pm
Sketchs (mostly cat people)
Okay I have 5 heads up all with a lot of cat like features. So the (first) question I pose to you is, is there one head style that should be used for the whole tribe? or are these styles similiar enough that you'd like to see all (some) of them used.

the big diffences to note, are nose styles, some are much more human, others very animal like, eye and mouth styles.

so go forth and click here to see the sketchs.
Sunday, October 29th, 2000
8:05 pm
Just a note.
Hey folks just wanted say thanks to everyone whose been sticking their ideas on, keep it up. I'll make comments later on the newer ideas, and make a real post.

also if you havne't caught on yet 'Proof' and 'Guidinghand' are one in the same.

so here's a quick question for ya'll. Let's assume we have our 7 survivors (5 men , 2 women). do to fears of wide spread outbreak (of whatever) they hide themselves away for a century (maybe two)...

so how big is the tribe that comes from their offspring (also we should assume the life span would be greatly reduced)
3:56 am
What are these people!?
My friend suggested to me that perhaps the race of people are half breeds of elves and humans.

so though I posted the question before, I thought I'd post for him.

So far I've been drawing crazy bug eyes people and dwarves... Just cleaning my artistic system out, I on't think either are good enough.

so any thoughts? elves, humans, half breeds? snake people?
12:40 am
General Ideas
Here are the concepts I'm working with right now.

The comic is a combination of high tech and fantasy. Something of a post apocalyptic genre.

(just a side note, this doesn't mean I'm going to claim this to be a post apocalyptic earth.)

I think the story I want to start with is one that follows a small recently nomadic tribe. This works nice for exploring the state of the world.

So the options extend to the readers are these:

what happened? Global Nuclear Attacks, Super Flus?

who were the original survivors (I'm thinking 7 people, 5 men, 2 women.. yes I know those may seem like disturbing numbers... but it feels good to me)

So who were there children, How many people are in the tribe that has come to be?

also, what do our heros look like? humans, elves, dwarves.. something new?


also keep an eye to the website for sketches to start appearing soon.
12:33 am
day one
I'm starting an online comic book.
I'll be hosting it at http://redrival.com/proof/GuidingHand/index.html

The Concept behind the GuidingHand is that you the reader, are also the writer. I'll be posting general ideas on characters, story lines, and simple thoughts, and the readers can make any comments suggestions and post other ideas in the comments section of this journal.

starting right now.
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