GuidingHand (guidinghand) wrote,

General Ideas

Here are the concepts I'm working with right now.

The comic is a combination of high tech and fantasy. Something of a post apocalyptic genre.

(just a side note, this doesn't mean I'm going to claim this to be a post apocalyptic earth.)

I think the story I want to start with is one that follows a small recently nomadic tribe. This works nice for exploring the state of the world.

So the options extend to the readers are these:

what happened? Global Nuclear Attacks, Super Flus?

who were the original survivors (I'm thinking 7 people, 5 men, 2 women.. yes I know those may seem like disturbing numbers... but it feels good to me)

So who were there children, How many people are in the tribe that has come to be?

also, what do our heros look like? humans, elves, dwarves.. something new?


also keep an eye to the website for sketches to start appearing soon.
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