GuidingHand (guidinghand) wrote,

Sketchs (mostly cat people)

Okay I have 5 heads up all with a lot of cat like features. So the (first) question I pose to you is, is there one head style that should be used for the whole tribe? or are these styles similiar enough that you'd like to see all (some) of them used.

the big diffences to note, are nose styles, some are much more human, others very animal like, eye and mouth styles.

so go forth and click here to see the sketchs.
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Image B and Image D appeal to me alot.
Image B just has that nifty cloak-ish hood thing. And Image D has nifty spiky hair! [I have a penchant for spiky hair.] The Triangular-ish eyes are my favorite. . and more "human" noses I think have better aesthetics. I have no more to contribute today. I worked ten hours with only a half hour break :/
Triangle-ish eye... hmm you mean like in C or like in D and E? (like the Kiss Eyes).

image c reminds me of the old cartoon Thundercats...

anyway, B is cool, so is D, and so is E!
good work, I am really waiting for the first comic now cause it both looks and sounds great!

That's really funny, when I started drawing "cat people" I was worried I'd end up drawing thunder cats... hence the somewhat elongated heads. I figured that'd be a clear boundry... now as long as the names aren't "tygra" and "cheetara"
Cats are awesome. I have 2 and they are really cool.

Michael Parker