GuidingHand (guidinghand) wrote,

Just a note.

Hey folks just wanted say thanks to everyone whose been sticking their ideas on, keep it up. I'll make comments later on the newer ideas, and make a real post.

also if you havne't caught on yet 'Proof' and 'Guidinghand' are one in the same.

so here's a quick question for ya'll. Let's assume we have our 7 survivors (5 men , 2 women). do to fears of wide spread outbreak (of whatever) they hide themselves away for a century (maybe two)...

so how big is the tribe that comes from their offspring (also we should assume the life span would be greatly reduced)
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Thats not only a quick question but also a hard question!
ummm.... I am stumped!!

From one century I really don't think that there would be too many new individuals and that is hoping that some of the born are female. And also the fact that there are only two female's to start with kinda thins out the begining population, I think there should maybe the starting numbers are 4 men 3 women.... this also gives story enhancement for evil characters.. let me explain =)
The fourth man has some children and is then discarded by his female for one of the other men, this leads to anger and he leaves with his children to find a better place away from the poeple he onced loved, on this journey he meets another group of isolated people, which in turn creates the 2nd tribe. Then u have two tribes, one of which has a dislike for the other tribe(the people's hate could come from a legend of that one mans story)....

i think that made sense.....
That's funny Haze I was actually thinking of something like that happening like two generations into "their history".

4 men to 3 women, that seemed more obvious and why I kind of shyed for the more obscure numbers.. but nothings is set yet. good thoughts. In all actuality the true origins can be figured out later.

As for the size of the current tribe, I guess we just go with a number that feels logical. Then later we make it logical.

Say 30 to 40 people... I'll see if i can pretend to make that math work.

I'll be back later folks with more stuff (right now I got stuff in the oven)
With seven survivors you have eight possible combinations of male-female ratio. Really if they are to have any hope of creating a tribe, you need more women than men, after all a man can get pregnant.
I suggest two men and five women.
Perhaps I'll be accused of being a chauvinist. Those thinking this is chauvinism need to check the definition [it is an extreme form of patriotism, like jingoism, but I digress]. This still leaves it open to revolt and splits and possible evil characters. But remember, bad-guy bat people take priority!

The end.
well yes those numbers would be the most logical, but only in a situation where the surivors knew utter destruction was coming.

in a more story based reality, this situation seems a little far fetched.

but a good thought, keep it up!